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power washing and soft washing services from north carolinas #1 rated company. Allow us to clean the exterior of your home today.

Power Washing and Soft Wash of Your Home in St James Nc

Power washing and soft washing are hands down the best ways to clean your home from top to bottom. Power washing allows us to remove stubborn stains quickly and effectively, while soft washing helps us to clean any delicate or fragile surface with a commercial grade cleaning detergent- using barely any pressure at all. Both cleaning methods are safe and effective for the cleaning of your home. Our skilled and professionally trained employees have taken the time to learn the best methods in the industry to achieve maximum results. If you have been staring at your homes siding, roof, gutters, or outdoor patio, and wondering how you will find the time to clean it, call Crystal Clear Shine today! Scheduling is easy and the estimates are free! Allow us to assist you in washing your homes exterior. Restore curb appeal instantly.

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Roof Cleaning

Stubborn streaks and stains are often caused from a live bacteria called algae. Once these streaks appear it is difficult to safely remove them from your roof, unless you call the professionals. Here at Crystal Clear Shine we have all the right equipment and safety gear to wash away streaks, stains, colored molds, and growing fungi. Our team of educated roof cleaners are ready to help you in cleaning your roof today! We recommend a regular roof cleaning for the following reasons:

Add life and years to your Shingles: Stains and growth patches caused by mold, mildew, algae and fungus will wear down your roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot. Both lead to expensive repairs. A good roof cleaning can help minimize or eliminate this damage completely.

Add Curb Appeal: Simply said, roof cleaning will transform the way your home appears, and it is the #1 way to add curb appeal without spending thousands of dollars.

Add Value: If you are prepping your home to sell, cleaning your roof can make a huge difference. It is well known all potential home buyers will first look at the condition of the homes roof. If it is covered in molds and algae it reflects negatively on your care for the property and could cost you the sale.

Window Washing

One thing that all homes have in common is the presence of windows. A second thing that all homes have in common is the fact those windows will become dirty. So what can you do to ensure your windows don’t fall victim to the ugly sight of dirt, dust, spiderwebs and other debris?

Bright, shiny, clear windows can make even the shabbiest of homes look more presentable and appealing. Though you may be a handy man or woman around the house, a professional window cleaner will be able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and will have all of the products and equipment to do so. We are your local window cleaning pro's.

Remove Insects: Windows are the entrance for many pesky bugs to exit the outdoors and enter into a warm and cozy home. Professional window cleaners will know how to correctly rid of these pests and make sure they won’t return.

Glass Protection: professional window cleaners will have the correct products, equipment and techniques to properly clean your windows. This, in addition, will prolong the life of your windows.

Save Time: while you run out to get groceries, pick up your children from school, or even while you’re at work, the window cleaners can get the job done!

Inform You of Problems: a professional cleaner will be able to tell if you have an ill-fitting window to its frame, a draft, an insulation problem, or other common mishaps that aren’t seen by the everyday homeowner.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause damage to your home and getting up on a ladder or walking around on your roof to clean out all of your gutters can be extremely dangerous. Our gutter cleaning service is one of the most important maintenance services we can offer for your home. We manually remove debris from your gutters and clean your downspouts using techniques and equipment that allow us to perform the work safely. When the gutter cleaning job is done, all gutter debris are cleaned up so you don’t have to worry about leaves and gutter muck being stuck on your home or laying around in your yard. Once we have removed the debris from your gutters, our gutter cleaning technicians will use high velocity air movement to flush the downspouts and ensure good flow. If there is any blockage in the gutters or downspouts, we will flush them again with water and even if needed- take the downspout apart to make sure that your gutters are flowing and functioning properly.

You Can Benefit From Our Gutter Cleaning Services Because It Will:

  • Prevent gutters from overflowing at entrances to your house where you come and go.
  • Prevent gutters from overflowing and washing away your landscaping or eroding your foundation.
  • Prevent gutters from backing up into your homes foundation and causing water damage.
  • Keeps your house cleaner on the exterior. Mildew and mold grows faster when the siding is wetter longer from overflowing gutters.

Dont risk hurting yourself by trying to clean out your gutters by yourself- Call the gutter cleaning pro’s today!


Deck Pressure Cleaning

When the weather is right, there’s often no better place for family and friends to gather than on the back deck/patio. Decks are built level to the ground; therefore, rain and snow don’t run off the floorboards quite as easily as on a non-level surface. Any dirt, algae, and other contaminants that happen to be sitting on the surface tends to stay there unless you take steps to remove them. Runoff from your roof or home easily brings any contaminants from those surfaces right on to your deck with nowhere to go. Often times we find that the deck can be the dirtiest part of the exterior of you home.

Our pressure washing services are available to all residential and commercial customers who want to clean, beautify and preserve their property. Using pressure washing, we can clean and renew many surfaces, including siding, decks, patios, driveways and walkways. Our industrial, high temperature power washing treatment combined with brush cleaning removes dirt, mold, grime and stain from most surfaces. We don't stop after deck washing! We have a long list of services to offer your home or business, so be sure to read on or ask one of our expert cleaning techs for more information.

Crystal Clear Shine deck cleaning is ideal for wood and vinyl surfaces alike. We use safe, appropriate pressure depending on the material of your deck, along with a cleaning agent to remove algae and mold, and finally the right time for the solution to soak. It is our guarantee to get your exterior living space ready for entertaining and stay barefoot friendly and kid friendly!


All About St James North Carolina

St James is a new town, incorporated in 1999, along the southeast coast of North Carolina – just a few miles from the old fishing village of Southport, NC and about 30 miles south of Wilmington, NC. St James is in Brunswick County, NC, which is characterized by growing communities nestled in some of the most unique wetlands areas of the United States. St James is a residential town, with a large population of vibrantly active retirees who enjoy our four and a half golf courses, many tennis courts, swimming pools, full service marina and beach club along the Oak Island sea shore. You will find that St James is a town full of families and the town is ready for fun.

A majority of the Town of St. James is located within the gated community of St. James Plantation, a master planned community conceived in the mid 1980s. The plantation at St James features: four premiere golf courses, tennis, beach activities, a private beach club, biking trails, walking paths and more. Come and discover for yourself the fun family environment at St James North Carolina.


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 by Frank

This company did an amazing job cleaning our homes siding and driveway, i will be recommending crystal clear shine to my friends and neighbors.

 by Riley

Great communication, showed up on time, ready to work. The results were incredible, i was very impressed with how clean my roof looked when they left!!! Thank you for saving me money from having to replace my roof completely.

 by Bobby

Very easy process, the people that scheduled my windows to be cleaned were very polite, the workers were great and professional. We are very happy with our windows.

 by Shanna

Excellent service, and easy process from beginning to finish! We were very pleased with the results of our windows being cleaned and home soft washed!

 by Rodgers

The employees showed up on time and did an excellent job cleaning our deck and gutters. 5 stars!

 by Serena

This is a 5 star roof cleaning company! They removed all streaks and mold from my roof, honestly it looks brand new. I highly recommend crystal clear shine!

 by Aaron

Best exterior home cleaning in North Carolina! Thank you for restoring the beauty of my home.